Search for your friend’s social profiles across a lot of social media sites and maybe even discover ones you didn’t even know about.
Peopls gives you a single unified timeline for each friend interleaving their various posts on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Behance, Foursquare, GitHub, Google+, SoundCloud, Vimeo and YouTube.


How do I find my friends?

You simply add them by using the + button on the main view.

Is my data private?

Absolutely. We don't send your data to our servers and all traffic between the Peopls app and the social media sites is encrypted.

Why can't I write comments and like my friends posts?

We're working on that and it should be ready later in the summer 2014.

Will you make an Android version?

Sorry, not right now.

Why can't I find my all my friends on Facebook?

Your friends need to allow third party apps to view their public profiles.

Is there an easier way to login to all the social networks?

Yes, there is a 1Password shortcut button in the navigation bar. You'll need the latest version of 1Password.

For a not so frequently asked question: or @peopls.


Jesper Christensen
Tove B. Jacobsen